Recruitment Central Pte Ltd

Recruitment Central believes that the aspect of production especially capital cannot be maximised and the profitability cannot be fully utilized without adequate number of well trained, qualified and experienced human resources or manpower.

Our Recruitment Consultants have extensive recruitment and commercial backgrounds and bring together a myriad of skills and knowledge, gained over years of working in the various business environments like Information Technology, Banking & Finance and Engineering. This enables us to offer a unique and broad understanding of the commercial market place and therefore an effective resource solution.

Based on the clients' project demands or assignment nature, Recruitment Central provides additional staff that can be placed under our company's payroll with the administration of compensation and benefits managed via our company. This is the prevailing practice of engagement to have the incumbent working under the client's payroll. Our company will act as an effective source for candidates, screening and sieving out the most suitable candidates based on our client's needs, criteria and company culture.

Recruitment Central have the ideology of understanding the needs of clients and continue its efforts to make life-long relationship with our valuable clients by providing desirous manpower. We have made our strong presence internationally with our unique feature which is beneficial for both, applicants and employers like to employ qualified and competent hands that can meet the job requirement of the organization, placing job applicants in the best interest of employer and individual, helping in human resources/manpower planning purposes in organization and reducing recruitment cost that may arise as a result of poor selection and placement exercises.

Our services

  • Permanent Placement

    We have over a 2 decade of experience focused on finding and placing experts at all levels in the industries we serve. As a result we bring you a pipeline of experienced technical professionals looking for full-time positions.


    Our search professionals work with you to define the skills critical to the position and to understand your culture, environment, and reporting structure. (Many times, and if necessary we can act as an strategic advisor on job market trends, reasonable compensation and the competitor landscape) We then load your parameters into our proven search methodology. Recruiting and Screening

    We assumes responsibility for recruiting and screening candidates so you can focus on your business. We leverage our large network of talented professionals, and our wide range of recruiting resources to identify the talent you need to reach your business objectives.

    The result is a small number of highly qualified candidates, that our interested in your opportunity and excited to begin the interview process, sparing your company the significant time and energy required to review and interview unqualified people.

  • Contract Placement

    How do you find talented individuals to fill a temporary position without wasting too many resources on the search?

    What happens if a short-term employee doesn't live up to expectations and the clock is still ticking on an important project?

    We do all the work for you in order to allow your company to gain a valuable employee without worrying about recruiting and administrative tasks. The contract placement services that we provide include careful screening of any candidate who may fill short-term positions. Recruiting starts with finding talented employees, interviewing these candidates and checking references to establish their experience and abilities in a professional setting.

    Payroll and benefits are our responsibility when you choose us for contract staffing services. We offer our employees competitive salaries to make sure that we are attracting only the best talent. Comprehensive benefit packages that include health insurance and other benefits are available to our employees as well.

    We maintain a pool of high-quality employees who are available for temporary positions. We are available to discuss the desired outcomes of clients who are looking for software engineers, biochemists, life services professionals, customer-service specialists, web developers and public sector employees.

  • Payroll Outsourcing

    Payroll outsourcing is the act of delegating payroll administration to third party having expertise in payroll processes. Generally companies outsource their payroll functions to cut costs, and to get better services.

    We understand the importance your organization attaches to resource and time allocation to critical HR functions such as Payroll Management activities. With our expertise in Payroll Management, your organization can gain with timely error free outputs, with an extensive range of services that include:

    Employee Data, Salary Computation, CPF Computation, Allowance and Deductions, Other Statutory Funds, Email Pay slips, Email CPF File, Leave type and Entitlements, Leave approval process setup, Leave application access (via browser), Leave approval access (via browser), Encashment, accrual and proration off leaves, Leave Reports, Claim type and Entitlements, Claim approval process setup, Claim application access (via browser), Claim approval access (via browser), Claim Reports.

    We cater to all industries spread across all sizes - small, medium and large. To know how we can help your organization with our range of Payroll Outsourcing Solutions.