Advanced & Best Construction Pte Ltd


A&B Construction began its venture into the business of construction in less than a decade. Now within this short period of time, it is known as a company of reputation, built upon the solid building blocks of transparency and progressiveness.

With our expert team of professionals, we handle all the responsibilities of public safety, time management, cost management, quality management, decision making, mathematics, working drawings, Project Management Planning, Contract Administration and human resources. One of the main reasons for success is our unique and flexible way of functioning which allows us to adapt to the exact nature of any project in a relatively shorter span of time. This flexibility has given us the ability to develop a deeper insight into handling construction projects of various kinds and sizes.

Since the establishment, the company has been working closely with some big names in the construction industry. A&B Construction has made its effective presence in the world market and we have some big names in the industry. Some of them are Samsung, Hyundai, Bauer, Punj Lyod. Currently, the main focal point of the company is in the Electrical, Painting, Structural Works and Scaffolding works.

Our services


    SMEPAYROLL is the developed using latest .net technology to make it extremely powerful, yet simple-to-use Payroll system. With its superior features SMEPAYROLL is the best available payroll software to process your own payroll in-house.

    SMEPAYROLL is obtainable online from any part of the world, allowing multiple users to access the system at same time with limited rights. With having different modules which consists of Employee Module, Leave Module, Claim Module, Payroll Module, Reports Module and Admin Module give the power to you. Scores of companies across the globe are adapting & believing SMEPAYROLL as their preference of Payroll system.


    Travosis-Travos Information System is designed with a vision to passengers on board well informed about route related information like the list of stops, landmarks, points of interest, road names, interchange, distance, estimated time of arrival, etc. In addition, it also provides rich analytic data to the operators. It is an electronic gadget which is installed in Cars, Buses, Trains etc. to provide all related information of the course to the people associated with it. This technology has brought the revolution in travel industry with its continuous effort of bringing advanced and best innovations in terms of expertise.


    Cloudlocater is a tool acts as attendance register which keeps strict vigil at people with whom you are associated with and you can know their whereabouts in any part of the world. It helps in streamlining things in proper way as it's the device which saves efforts and of course money. With the advancement in technology, a product is designed to provide the real-time information regarding employees, children whether they reach at their destinations on time or not. Cloudlocater equips its clients with world's most trusted and reliable product and it is available online across the globe. Scores of our clients are using this technology and their feedback is worth substantial as we are the company that is committed to provide its clients the best.


    ChequePRO is a cheque writing program for every office that solves manual cheque writing problems. If you issue Cheques in your day to day life and need to maintain the information of cheque number, the amount you paid, whom you paid, the reason why you made the payment and have monthly reports and analyzing then, you must opt our ChequePRO program which helps you to print on any bank cheque across the globe and manage your customer information. Leave your uncertainties aside regarding payments you make through Cheques by switching-on to world's most trusted brand-ChequePRO. ChequePRO enables thousands of users all over the world to enjoy the simplicity and comfort of cheque writing.


    SAMLite is a solution developed to take away the pain of managing software in an easy to deploy and easy to administer manner. Developing since 1999, the objective of SAMLite was to give organizations an alternative to tedious physical auditing methods and expensive and complex software methods. For most organizations, technology assets such as servers, desktops, and the software installed on them is a significant investment. However, many organizations struggle to find effective ways of managing other electronic assets, such as software in a cost effective manner. SAMLite is perfect for Software Asset Management that Secure your environment, Manage legal liabilities and license compliances, Reconcile Software Procurement, Comprehensive Reporting and Plan your software usage.